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Robert O’Block and ACFEI

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Robert O’Block was the founder of the great organization; ACFEI. ACFEI, an association of forensic scientists, exists to serve and assist forensic examiners. However, forensic examiners may be more prevalent than you know: despite what primetime television teaches us, forensic examiners do not just examine the body of a deceased victim. Some do this, of course. Others may look for evidence left behind on the body of a victim that survived. Some may analyze handwriting or voices. Forensic examiners are those who investigate or examine using any field within forensic science, and these are many. Dr. O’Block,

How do ACFEI and Dr. O’Block serve these analysts? There are many different services offered by ACFEI and Dr. Robert O’Block. Members can get certified in things such as Forensic Accounting, Medical Investigations, Forensic Nursing, or Forensic Social Work. Conferences and meetings held by ACFEI bring in the world’s foremost forensic experts to address members. Beyond this, ACFEI offers continuing education for professionals in their respective fields, ensuring they have the current information that will help them complete their jobs successfully. ACFEI also offers credentialing services for its members.

Beyond any of these services offered, however, ACFEI and Dr. O’Block have created a worldwide network of forensic specialists. Members have a place to interact with other experts in their field, compare ideas, and teach others their knowledge. Some members even create forensic courses. Members interact at national or regional meetings to learn from one another. It is this facilitation of learning from others in the field that pushes forensic science beyond what it has been. In fact, this is part of why Dr. O’Block created ACFEI in the first place—to bring the experts together.

ACFEI was founded in 1992 by Dr. Robert O’Block after realizing that the foremost forensic associations of the day operated like secret societies, keeping many experts in the field from joining. Dr. O’Block created ACFEI as an association all could join, even those with merely an interest in forensics. This gives everyone a chance to learn from one another and compare ideas, thereby advancing the field of forensic science.

Dr. O’Block certainly had a good idea to create an association for all involved in forensics. ACFEI soon became the largest association of forensic professionals. With a pool of knowledge this large, it only makes sense that ACFEI and Dr. O’Block are pushing the bounds of forensic science.

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