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  • Eugene R. Bertolli

    Apr 16, 13 • NewsNo Comments
    Eugene R. Bertolli

    Dr. Eugene Robert Bertolli , OD, FACFEI, CHS-V, CMI-V Dr. Eugene Robert Bertolli is the cofounder of the Forensic Optometry Division of the ACFEI, founder Robert O’Block. He is an adjunct speaker at the Connecticut Police Academy for the Medical Aspects of the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test for DUI enforcement. He has done numerous presentations [&hellip...

  • Robert Andres

    Apr 16, 13 • Featured Member, NewsNo Comments
    Robert Andres

    Robert Andres, LSP, FACFEI, DABFE Robert Andres is a graduate of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. He joined ACFEI, founded by Robert O’Block, in 1994 and was named a Fellow of the College in 2001. The founder of Oshex Associates, Inc. and a practicing safety and noise control engineer since 1974, he is a Certified [&hellip...

  • Robert O’Block Interview Spotlight

    Nov 6, 12 • NewsNo Comments
    Robert O’Block Interview Spotlight

    Robert O’Block Interviews Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Robert O’Block, founder of the American College of Forensic Examiners International, interviewed Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, on his theoretical construct he has coined, iPredator. Dr. Nuccitelli’s construct was the feature article in the 2011 winter issue of the Forensic Examiner published by the [&hellip...

  • Robert O’Block Profiles Unabomber

    Jan 18, 12 • News, Robert OBlock2 Comments
    Robert O’Block Profiles Unabomber

    Robert O’Block, founder and executive director of the ACFEI, stepped forward in 1993 to present his own profile of the Unabomber, the person responsible for killing three people and unjuring dozens more from 1978 to 1995. United for Truth: An ACFEI Story   Robert O’Block Robert O’Block is the founder of the world’s largest forensic science [&hellip...

  • Robert O’Block Meets Roy Blunt

    Jan 18, 12 • News, Robert OBlock3 Comments
    Robert O’Block Meets Roy Blunt

    On Aug. 17, 2000 Robert O’Block met with Rep Roy Blunt  to discuss how the organization could support and influence legislation on managed care and mental health issues. United for Truth: An ACFEI Story  ...

  • Robert O’Block and AAIM

    Jan 18, 12 • News, Robert OBlock3 Comments
    Robert O’Block and AAIM

    The American Association of Integrative Medicine was founded in late 2000 by Robert O’Block in an effort to inform and educate people about the benefits  of integrating Eastern and Western Medicine. An international publisher and prime mover in forensics, psychotherapy, homeland security, and integrative medicine, Robert O’Block laid the foundations for open, comprehensive, and educational [&hellip...

  • Robert O’Block and Forensic Minds

    Jan 18, 12 • News, Robert OBlockNo Comments
    Robert O’Block and Forensic Minds

    In 1997, Robert O’Block was invited to a select group of 41 people to attend a DNA focus group meeting in Washington DC.  Among others who attended were US Attorney General Janet Reno.  ...

  • Robert O’Block: Publications

    Jan 18, 12 • NewsNo Comments
    Robert O’Block: Publications

    In addition to www.acfei.com, Robert O’Block created and founded The American Psychotherapy Association, which in its first year already had 5000 members; and the American Association of Integrative Medicine, AAIM, which advocates for broader treatment options and facilitates a bond between integrative and Western medicine. He also  founded the peer-reviewed publications, The Forensic Examiner andThe [&hellip...