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Robert O’Block: Wichita State

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Robert O’Block and Wichita State University

By the age of 24, Robert O’Block had earned a bachelor’s degree and three graduate degrees in different fields, including a PhD, all while working full-time in law enforcement. At the age of 25, Robert O’Block became an assistant professor in the Department of Administration of Justice at Wichita State University. Dedicated to the field of law enforcement, Robert O’Block continued to serve as a reserve sheriff deputy (without pay) as he taught criminal justice full-time at the university. Working in law enforcement gave Robert O’Block real world experience that would play a significant role in his ability to teach the science of criminology and write the criminal justice textbook Security and Crime Prevention.

Robert O’Block later took the position of professor and chairman of the Department of Administration of Justice at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. As department head he wanted to continue his education and focused on learning forensic handwriting analysis, but he soon found training opportunities were limited to a select few. Ever a crusader for justice and seeing the need for a scientific organization that provided training in questioned documents (forgery detection) that was open to all levels of practitioners and professionals, Robert O’Block decided to create one himself in a spare bedroom of his home. The organization was named the American Board of Forensic Handwriting Analysts (ABFHA). By the end of the first year, ABFHA had 200 members.

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  1. Joey says:

    What an accomplished young man!

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