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Robert O’Block: The Forensic Examiner

The Forensic Examiner® is the official peer-reviewed, quarterly journal of the American College of Forensic Examiners, founded by Robert O’Block. The journal promotes the continued advancement of forensic examination and consultation across the many professional fields of our membership.

In addition to reaching forensic experts throughout the world, The Forensic Examiner® is also available to a general audience through subscriptions and newsstand sales. The publication is available at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Hastings, and many other independent books retailers across the nation.

The Forensic Examiner® includes scientific articles, case studies, new research in the areas of forensic information, and interviews with forensic professionals. ACFEI members may earn continuing education credits by completing tests based on articles in The Forensic Examiner®.

The Forensic Examiner®, published by Robert O’Block, has come a long way from its inception as a utilitarian newsletter sent to association members. Its evolution has reflected the association’s growth, but the journal has also come into its own as a quality and prized publication by members and non-members alike. Robert O’Block is pleased that today The Forensic Examiner® is a full-color, perfect-bound magazine found on select newsstands nationwide including Barnes & Noble. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles from the top professionals in their fields as well as exclusive interviews with nationally acknowledged experts to bring the most current research and trends to readers. Yet even in its successes, the publication is still true to its roots. The journal stands as one of the greatest benefits for membership in the association, and it proudly features member articles and highlights member accomplishments.

Forensic specialists and members may contribute to the journal by submitting their articles for consideration. Please read our submission guidelines before sending an article.

Advertising space is available in the journal as well.


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